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Buyers & Investor Incentive Program

We want to reward you for doing business with iRealty Shop and referring our extraordinary service to their family, friends, and colleagues.

If a buyer or investor uses iRealty Shop to represent them in a purchase transaction, we will reward them with ONE of the following:

Closing Credit of $1,500.

Attorney Prepared Living Trust and/or Estate Plan (Up to $1,800)

Introduce Us to your Friends, Family & Colleagues

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Suppose you send us a referral, and they decide to use iRealty Boutique to represent them. In that case, you can either accumulate stars towards earning ONE of the choices above, or we will give you a Ring Home Security System or a $200 Visa Gift Card for each referral. (For each referral, you earn 5 stars, Rewards above are equal to 25 stars)

Earn as many as you’d like!

Suppose a buyer or Investor/Developer uses iRealty Shop to represent them in a purchase fully and uses one of our preferred lenders to fund the property purchase. In that case, we will reward the buyer with two choices above or $2,500 in Closing Credits.

If a Buyer or Investor/Developer purchases a property that iRealty Shop fully represents & uses iRealty Boutique to represent them in their purchase, in addition to ONE of the above choices, we will include a Ring Home Security System & Solar System Consultation.

Buyers Reward Qualifications:

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